Even little kids can make big savings with a micro MANGO for ages 5 to 15 – they’ll get an extra 15% off the normal child half fares. The littlest passengers will feel extra grown up when catching the bus or tram with mum or dad, and the parents of older kids won’t have to worry about them losing (or spending) their fare.

•  15% off child fares

•  cheaper way on the tram

•  quicker boarding times

•  no cash to carry



Get 15% off the single cash fare.

Get 25% off the single cash fare if you're 16-19 and save every time you travel. If you live in Derbyshire and own a b_line card you can get an even better deal with b_line MANGO.


Get 25% off the single cash fare with a valid student ID card.


























getting your MANGO is easy





create a MANGO account

You need to have a MANGO account before you can buy or register a card.




get your first new card

Now you have a MANGO account you can buy a new card and add money onto it online.
We will post you the card. A £3 fee is charged for the card and delivery.




register an existing card

If you were already given a card or have bought a pre pay card, you can register it so you can top it up online and manage your account.




manage your account

Now you have a MANGO account you can top up your card, add new cards, see your journey history and even set up direct debit payments.




using your MANGO is easy, too





Our MANGO video below should explain everything you need to know or you can look at our FAQs for more help.




confused with all this internet malarkey?

Give us a call on 01773 712265 if you need any help.

We're open from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 12midday on Saturdays.
When we're not around, just leave us a message and we'll call you back.


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