trent barton signs the UK’s first quality pledge in Nottingham

We have recently joined with a number of fellow bus companies and Nottingham City Council to sign a Statutory Quality Partnership Scheme (SQPS for short).

Nottingham's bus operators attend the launch of the SQPS

The scheme is great news for bus passengers in the city, as it will help to improve quality to all bus users in terms of vehicle comfort, ease of access, carbon emissions, driver training and more. It's something we very much believe in, given our passion for customer service or our continual willingness to invest in improved buses and develop our quality standards further and further.

And it is only a good thing if other bus operators and the council sign up to commit to this agreement, ensuring that this kind of quality spreads across the board in Nottingham.

Our Commercial Director, Alex Hornby was present at the launch of the scheme and commented...

"We're very pleased to join our colleagues from other bus companies, officers and members of Nottingham City Council, to celebrate the beginning of the UK's first SQPS of its kind," he said. "Whilst we and our predecessors have served Nottingham for over 100 years, trent barton remain committed to offering the highest of standards in terms of comfort, cleanliness and service to our customers now and in the future. We congratulate Nottingham City Council for creating this agreement and applaud our fellow operators for maintaining a high degree of quality to bus users across the city."

And whilst we're proud that we meet the relevant standards of the SQPS already, that doesn't mean we'll rest on our laurels. With many millions committed for more investment in the next few years, our customers in Nottingham and beyond will hopefully agree with our sentiments!

Nottingham City Council is one of the most proactive public transport authorities in the country. They have committed to an impressive level of investment in terms of modern, clean shelters, electronic information displays, raised kerbs to improve access on to buses for buggies and wheelchair users and more. Our very own centrelink free bus - which features trent barton's driver of the year Rhamzan Mohammed - is ran in partnership with the city council and forms part of their commitment. So, we're very pleased to work alongside them to drive standards further. They want to ensure their investment is protected and that all bus companies provide equally high standards too.

And that is a good thing for all public transport users across Nottingham and beyond.



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