Changes to adult mango and saver

From Sunday 27 January we'll be making some changes to our adult mango & saver. 

Here's what you need to know ... 

adult mango caps

day cap (for travel after 9am) £5.85 new price

7 day £30

28 day £95

The 7 & 28 day caps will remain at the same price. 

Our smart cap limits how much you pay for all your journeys over a day, 7 day or 28 day period.

You can make as many journeys as you like and when all your fares add up to the caps, we won't charge you more, your fare is automatically capped - that means you'll get free travel!

Remember to always touch on and off to get the best fare. 

mango discount

The new adult mango discount will be 10%, giving you a sweet saving on adult cash singles every time you travel. 


There will be new prices for all of our saver zones. 

Click here to preview the new prices

These latest changes will enable us to continue to invest in our buses, their features and the latest technologies to help us remain as the really good bus company. 

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