We get many nice comments from our customers when our drivers have done a good job, and we like to show them off when they do!  So, we've created our wall of fame.









Neal Broughton





Mrs Wilson recently called us to thank Neal for being a brilliant driver with excellent customer service skills. threes driver Neal is quite a hit with Mrs Wilson, making her day every time she catches his bus. Well done Neal!

Steve Kossobudzki





We received a message on facebook from a customer thanking Steve for the way he handled a difficult situation recently. Ms Watson was travelling on pronto when Steve was confronted with a very abusive customer and wanted to pass on her praise and thanks for the way Steve handled the situation.

Leanne Louch






Regular indigo customer Charlotte Hubbard has emailed to say a BIG thanks to Leanne who is our Star At The Stop in Beeston; Charlotte was waiting in Beeston on a rainy morning into work however Leanne was on hand to ensure that Charlotte knew where the bus was in the delays with the use of her mobile microlise tablet and sure enough the bus arrived when it was supposed to.

Charlotte also said that Leanne was cheerful and pleasant and wanted to thank her for a great job she is doing; no problems Charlotte.

Great work Leanne!

Elaine Stokes





Elaine was driving her usual indigo route when a hooded youth attempted to steal her takings, a customer wrote in to praise Elaine for dealing bravely with the situation and being an asset to the company.

Abdul Jabar





Once again regular indigo driver Abdul Jabar has a further mention on the Wall of Fame as another customer has contacted us to say what a lovely, polite and friendly driver Abdul is. It looks like your fan base is growing all the time Abdul...Keep it up.

Phil Langley





A very happy customer has contacted us to say a BIG thank you to Phil who showed calmness and excellent customer skills when the i4 service that Phil was driving approached an accident at Sherwin Arms Bramcote - Phil ensured that everyone was safe and calm and that everyone got to where they needed to with the minimum of fuss.

Well done Phil

Peter Linley






A customer taking ill on your bus isn't always nice however Peter had this issue on a recent radcliffe line journey he was operating when a customer required Peter to stop the bus - Which is exactly what Peter did and offered tissues and water to the customer along with showing concern.

The customer who will remain anonymous wanted to thank Peter for his excellent customer service and kindness; we're more than happy to do so

Well done Peter!

Perry Jest






Things were not going so well for Perry recently on the 141. His bus broke down heading towards Blidworth and Mr Metcalf who was following our vehicle was less than pleased having his car covered in oil.

Perry realising the mess the oil had made apologised to Mr Metcalf and handed over some money from his own pocket to get the car cleaned at a garage across the road. Mr Metcalf called customer services to thank Perry for his kind gesture, commenting that Perry was an excellent ambassador for company.

Allan Gilmour 






Mrs McElvaney emailed customer services to thank Allan for making a very emotional day much brighter for her. Mrs McElvaney had just been to a funeral and after getting onto Allan’s calverton connection realised that she had left her handbag.

Quick thinking Allan explained to all of the customers on board what had happened and asked if anyone minded going around the block so the handbag could be collected, Mrs McElvaney picked up her bag and wants to thank Allan for the kindness and concern he showed.

Dan Judson 






Dan was operating on service 101 when a boarding customer fell over and hurt themselves; Dan ensured that an ambulance was called and kept the customer warm by placing his fleece over them and ensured that all other customers were transferred onto the next bus when it arrived; on top of that he stayed with the customer who had fallen over until the ambulance arrived - a lot to deal with all in one go however Dan dealt with the situation in a calm and collective manner.

Well Done Dan!!

George Wood 






On 26th April George was driving the two service to ilkeston when a customer boarded with a £20 note, the customer said George changed the £20 without hesitation but unfortunately part of her change, a £10 note blew under the bus the young lady was very upset and without hesitation he presented her with another £10 note. She told me that she never thought he would of done that in a million years and certainly other bus companies wouldn’t. The lady’s Name is Jess who is a regular on the two and she insisted George gets a pat on the back for great customer service! George usually drives the rainbow 1 but also likes the two…

Sean McKeown






Mr Dixon has been in touch to say what a great driver Sean is even when it's early in the morning!!

Sean is one of our regular dedicated drivers who is part of the indigo 24/7 team and Mr Dixon was most impressed with Sean's customer service on a recent early morning trip he made on indigo.

Just another reason for travelling indigo with a great team to get you there - Nice work Sean.

Brian Lowe






Mrs Walker has contacted us to say what a friendly driver Brian is; he is always pleasant and friendl, if customers are late and haven't got to the bus stop Brian will always wait for them; and even if Brian is late he always has a smile on his face for his customers and the journey is always smooth.

Well done Brian - Top work.

David Askew






We received a very thankful letter praising red arrow driver David after a customer left his wallet onboard. David personally dropped the wallet at the customer’s home; the letter praised David for his kindness and cheery demeanor.

Great stuff David!

Marcus Shaw






A customer wishing to remain anonymous has e-mailed to say a big well done to Marcus on some great customer service which he displayed when the recent one day international cricket game was taking place between England and New Zealand at Trent Bridge.

Marcus displayed great patience with customers when it was busy along with patience for other road users when the roads were extremely busy.

Great job Marcus - How are you fixed for The Ashes in a few weeks time?

Tom Benford






A customer wanted to thank Tom for tactfully getting a customer who was a little worse for wear off the villager bus at the correct stop. Tom makes it his job to know the where the stops are for his regular customers.

Great customer service Tom!

Geoff Kirk






skylink customer Martin Woods has e-mailed to say thanks to Geoff for waiting for him on a recent trip that he was trying to make through to Beeston whilst connecting from Roberts 155 service from Coalville.

Geoff kindly waited for Martin to arrive and took him through to Beeston with a great drive also.

Well done Geoff - Text book customer service.

Kevin Allen






radcliffe line customer Jade Fisher has tweeted to say a BIG thanks to Kevin for handing in her purse which she left behind whilst travelling recently. Jade went on to say that Kevin was really helpful and found the service excellent.

Well done Kevin...


If you've got something nice to say about one of our trent barton team and you think they deserve a mention on our wall of fame then please don't keep it to yourself.  We'd love to hear from you - just email us at walloffame@trentbarton.co.uk or ring our customer services team on 01773 712265.

Barrie Carr

Barrie Carr

A customer contacted us regarding your excellent driving.

They said how wonderful the journey was picking up time without issue.

Great work, Barrie.

Jane Plummer

Jane Plummer

We received a tweet from a customer who wanted to say what an amazing driver Jane is and that she always brightens everyones day!

It is a pleasure to travel on her bus, she is so polite and lovely to her customers. Jane makes trentbarton buses worth catching every day and is amazing!

John Smith

John Smith

One of John’s customers called in to commend him for going the extra mile in helping a disabled lady board the bus.

Well done John!

Keith Spencer

Keith Spencer

Your excellent driving abilities were commended by a customer who got in contact to pass on what a plesant journey they had on your bus.

Well done, Keith.

Lee Milne

Lee Milne

Lee recently received two commendations, both for his excellent customer service.

Each commendation commented on how cheery, personable and helpful Lee is with his customers.

Great work, Lee.

Michael Bagnall

Michael Bagnall

A customer contacted us to commend Michael for his attitude, courtesy and customer service on a recent trip they had on his bus.

They had a lovely journey, and wanted to pass on their appreciation.

Matt Quinn

Matt Quinn

A customer contacted us and said they travelled on your bus and wanted to tell us about the great customer care they experienced.

They wanted to thank you for your polite, helpful nature and the way you helped a disabled lady on and off the bus.

Well done, Matt.

Jayne Phillips

Jayne Phillips

A customer wrote in to thank you for all the help you gave him on a recent H1 journey.

After the customer took ill on the bus, Jayne stepped in and provided some assistance. He was later checked by a doctor and at hospital, and all is OK.

Great work, Jayne.

Michael Cropley

Michael Cropley

A customer contacted us to pass on a big thank you for returning his wallet to his house when he left it on your bus.

The customer thinks it’s the best customer service and says it was above the call of duty

Brilliant work, Michael.

Paul Brewer

Paul Brewer

A sixes customer felt compelled to get in contact after witnessing your driving abilities and timekeeping.

They are amazed that dispite the tricky driving conditions along the route, you still manage to drive with a smile on your face.

Fantastic - keep it up, Paul.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker

When travelling on Alan’s bus our commercial manager was so impressed with his customer service she emailed to let us know that when he got to QMC in a spare bus he called out to the waiting customer that you were the red arrow.

They were very grateful that you had called out and thought you were brilliant when you told them the coach had shrunk in the wash!

It was a brilliant journey and she wanted to commend you for your attitude and helpfulness

Well done.

Steve Kossobudzki

Steve Kossobudzki

An infrequent bus user contacted us recently to thank Steve for such a pleasant journey on pronto recently.

The customer said that Steve was so friendly and polite and happily dismissed their apology when presented with a £20 note.

If you've got something nice to say about one of our trent barton team and you think they deserve a mention on our wall of fame then please don't keep it to yourself. We'd love to hear from you - just email us at walloffame@trentbarton.co.uk or ring our customer services team on 01773 712265.