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choosing the best ticket

travel some days - pay as you go

adult single

Paying by cash for a single fare is the most expensive option. We’re happy to give change, but you may be able to get better deals with a two trip, zigzag or saver. If mango is available it would get you the best price for that journey guaranteed.

two trip ticket

This is ideal if you’re not travelling often or far. Pay with cash and we’ll give you change. Again, if mango is available it would get you the best return price, but a zigzag or saver could also save you money. Valid until 12am.

joined up journeys - all in one tickets

train, tram, plane and other bus operators

We offer some great tickets if you need to use our buses with other operator’s buses, the train or the tram.

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freebies & discounts

discounts for businesses

We've created our get on together range of money-saving ticket options, exclusively for employers and their employees to make savings on bus travel

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over 60 or disabled?

Those over 60 or registered disabled can use all our services* free of charge, depending on the validity of your pass.

*not valid on red arrow


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getting on stop

getting off stop

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