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Our ticket machines now allow you to travel using your contactless card or device. 

travel contactless

Travel contactless is a quick and easy way to pay for your travel, and you'll always pay the  right fare. Just tap on at the start of your journey, and tap off before you leave. Simple.

You'll only be charged a single journey for each trip, and with our day caps in place, your  spending will automatically be limited no matter how often you travel. All fares for journeys made will be combined into one overall payment for the day, which will appear on your bank statement in a couple of days' time. 

*9am-midnight Mondays-Fridays & 4am-midnight on weekends and Bank Holidays

contactless payment

You can also use your contactless card or mobile devices i.e. Apple Pay & Google Pay to make contactless payment as an alternative to using cash to purchase any tickets up to the value of £100.

If you need helping understanding contactless, we've put together some FAQs to help you out;

general contactless

How do I know if my card has contactless?

Which contactless cards can I use?

Can I use a contactless enabled device other than a credit or debit card?

Which tickets can I buy with contactless?

Why is the limit set to £100?

Do I still get a ticket if I pay with contactless?

Will I get a receipt if I pay with contactless?

How close do I have to be to the contactless reader?

Can I use my contactless card to make more than one payment?

I have a joint account, can I still use contactless payment?

Is my contactless payment safe?

What if my payment does not work?

I have bought the wrong ticket - can I get a refund?

If I have less balance than the bus fare on my card or in my bank account, can my account go overdrawn?

Can I get child prices through contactless?

Do I have to have a cellular or WiFi signal to use my mobile device for contactless?

Do I need to sign-up?

Can my card be scanned through my wallet?

travel contactless

What happens if I forget to touch off when I travel contactless?

Can I benefit from the caps using different cards linked to the same account?

What happens if I use my mobile device to touch on, but then lose power before I can touch off?

How do I check my journey history if I travel contactless?

How do the caps work on travel contactless?

I travel on two buses - can I use travel contactless?

need more help?
Our customer services team are happy to help.