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commuting made cheaper and easier...

Here at trentbarton we know it’s really important to keep the cost of travelling to and from work at a manageable level. That’s why we’ve created our super commuter range of money-saving ticket options to give you savings on bus travel.

We all know that driving to and from work can be a hassle. There’s the cost of fuel and parking, not to mention sitting in traffic and finding a parking space when you get there. Your time can be better spent somewhere else.

There is an alternative – catch the bus instead! We run high frequency bus services right across the East Midlands to get you to work quickly and comfortably. More and more of our buses are being fitted with the latest creature comforts, including fast, free 4G WiFi and USB power points, meaning that you can be surfing the web whilst gliding down the bus lane.

Our super commuter programme looks at the individual needs of each organisation and its employees to offer travel planning and the best options on ticketing to pay for bus travel to and from work, whether you work full or part time.


the benefits

How an organisation can benefit:

  • reduce parking problems, with fewer employees needing a parking space
  • doing your bit for the environment with less cars on the road reducing carbon emissions
  • offering staff perks with discounted travel may help to attract new staff and keep existing ones

How an employee can benefit:

  • make better use of time - catch up on work and emails rather than sitting in a traffic jam
  • savings on the cost of travel
  • employees arrive at work feeling relaxed and refreshed
  • saver offers unlimited travel at evenings and weekends when you're not at work
  • keep fit and healthy with your daily walk to and from the bus stop


getting started

We've got a range of ticket options to make sure employees and employers get the best deal.


12 month travel cards paid for up front with a further discount for your company. These can also be used at evenings and weekends to give further discounts when travelling for leisure.




Pay for your bus travel on your phone. Instantly top-up from anywhere. Scan on, scan off and we'll do the rest. Manage your account entirely within the app. Pay less for your bus travel



for more information...

To find out more or to get the scheme set up at your work place, please email Stuart Booth at: stuart@trentbarton.co.uk.