namesake is a charity appeal started by a dear friend of the company, Heather Ward, back in 1991. Since it started over £100,000 has been raised for Derby's breast cancer unit, and now Heather has taken a back seat, Kinchbus is proudly continuing namesake

how it works

By pledging £100 or more to the appeal, sponsors can nominate the dedication which they would like to appear on the namesake inscription. This could be your own name, a friend’s name, a member of your family or even a business, community service or a local legend. This inscription will then be seen by hundreds of thousands of customers over the following 12 months.

where does the money go?

Every penny of the £100 pledge goes directly to Kinchbus' chosen charity, which for the next two years is Age UK - The UK's leading charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of later life. 

Each applicant will receive their very own copy of the namesake plaque to keep. Where possible, we may also do a special presentation, where we'll bring the bus to a special location to be officially named.

how to apply

To apply for namesake - please complete this form. Alternatively you may email us at namesake@trentbarton.co.uk with some details about why you would like to name a bus or call us on 01773 712 265.


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