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If you haven’t used our buses for a while, there’s probably a burning question you have for us. Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you from some of the most regular queries we get from the list here.

 Do I have to have the right money for my fare?

Can I use my bus pass?

What about children's fares?

Can I bring my buggy on the bus?

What about wheelchairs or mobility scooters?

Can I bring my bike on the bus?

Can I bring my pets on the bus?

Is smoking allowed on trentbarton buses?

Can I bring food or drink on the bus?

Can I use my mobile or listen to music?

What about my safety on the bus?

Anything I should know about your night buses?

How does the driver know I want to get on?

Do you have peak and off-peak fares?

Can I take my guide dog on the bus?

There’s a question I need answering that isn’t here.