Some common questions answered.
fares and tickets
Do I have to have the right money for my fare?

 No; you might not even know how much your fare will be. You pay our drivers in cash and we're happy to give change, but if you can find the right money, it will make the going easier. Our find my fare guide can help.our mango app will save you money and means you don’t have to carry cash to pay – read more here.

Can I use my bus pass?

 Yes. We accept concessionary passes on all our buses. (except for red arrow*) Read more about whether you qualify for one of these passes and times of validity here.

*not valid from 7 August 2017

What about children's fares?

 Smart kids & teens across trentbarton land can download our mango app for sweet discounts off cash singles.

Do you have peak and off-peak fares?

 The Find My Fares guide can help you here. Single and two trips stay the same price all day, but we offer zigzag for unlimited travel after 9am, which can often be cheaper than a two trip. All these tickets are available from your driver when you get on.

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