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If you need helping understanding the mango app, we've put together some handy FAQs to help you out, just tap on the question and the answer will drop down:

setting up your mango account

How do I get a mango?

How do I migrate from my mango card to the mango app?

Which mango is best for me?

Is there a minimum version of Apple or Android required?

using your mango app

Where can I use my mango?

Can anybody else use my mango?

What should I do if I have multiple mango cards on one account?

Can I have a business and personal mango account?

Why are my journeys not in my journey history straightaway?

Does the app use a lot of power?

How much data does the app use?

What if a customer has no signal or internet?

Can I move my mango account from one phone to the other?

scanning the QR code

What happens if I forget to scan off?

How will I know if the QR code has scanned ok?

What should I do if my phone runs out of battery?

Why isn't my QR code scanning?

Will having Express Transit payment enabled on my iPhone interfere with mango?

credit on my mango account

What happens to the credit on my mango card?

How do I know how much credit I have left on my mango?

How much money can I put on my mango?

How long does it take for credit to load onto my mango?

How does a customer get their money back or cancel their trip?

If I lose my phone, could someone else use my mango credit or access my bank details?

I'm on auto top-up now. How do I get it transferred to the app?

What are rolling caps?

How do I get a refund on my mango card?

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