New buses for Radcliffe and Bingham

6 new buses for radcliffe line and a top-flight refit for xprss – ‘latest in comfort and style’

Leather seats and a brand new look all round are at the forefront of a £650,000 investment for Radcliffe and Bingham coming at the end of March.  Brand new buses will enter service on the radcliffe line.  Meanwhile the stylish buses on the Bingham-Nottingham direct xprss brand are being treated to a refit in our Langley Mill workshops – even although they are barely five years old.

Brand Manager Keith Wright said:

“Radcliffe and Bingham are flourishing communities with strong ties to Nottingham.  Our radcliffe line  and xprss brands are very much a part of daily life, and our latest research showed high levels of customer satisfaction.

“So we are not changing a winning formula – people like the service in general and use it to full advantage – including the late nights and Sundays which have gone from strength to strength since we extended them. Our established and popular timetables will stay the same.

“And our greatest strength of all is the crew.  They have a long history of service and care above the call of duty – which is hardly surprising when their Team Leader is none other than the UK’s number one bus driver, Barry Allitt – I think just about every customer knows him by name!”

“But despite all that, we are not standing still.  Leading shops and restaurants always put money back into investment, to make sure they give their customers the best.  It’s exactly the same for leading bus operators.  This new look will give our customers the latest in comfort and style. Others may try to copy us but they will always be poor imitations of the real thing.”

Barry Allitt – not content with winning trent barton Driver of the Year last April, he went on to scoop the top National title, against fierce competition from all over the country, in London in November. Barry is Team Leader for xprss and radcliffe line.

New Look – a sneak pre-launch preview from behind the scenes...

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