'We love the two' - says passengers

Satisfaction soars....  High hopes for MANGO

A poll of people travelling on the two from Cotmanhay and Ilkeston to Nottingham shows higher levels of satisfaction than ever before on this brand.  Customer service is the top scoring feature, closely followed by the new buses with leather seats. Value for money has soared and there is a huge potential market for MANGO.

The survey found that  one in four passengers could have used a car instead, and 4% were actually trying the bus for the first time that day.

Customer care by drivers achieved the top satisfaction score of 88 out of 100, equal to the mark for keeping the buses clean and just two points ahead of the new leather seating.  Value for money stood at an impressive 78%.  Everything on the list had improved since the last survey before July’s new bus relaunch.

7% were saving money and already had a MANGO card and 13% were planning on getting one.  Others intended to find out more and in fact only 1 person in 4 said that they would not be interested – mainly because they were not on the internet or did not buy online.

Brand Manager Adrian Cadd said:

“As a team we are thrilled by these results.  The recession has hit Ilkeston quite hard over the past year, but we went ahead and invested in the brand, ready for when things started to pick up.

“We are a hard act to beat on customer service – just as the poll shows, but it is rewarding to see that the new buses, and leather seats, are well received and that value for money is so high on people’s list.

“All the signs are that we are set to gain new customers – and that MANGO is about to move into high gear – yes, we like it!”

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