Thousands of passengers help speed up bus journeys in Notts and Derbyshire

Thousands of bus passengers in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire have helped to speed up their journeys in the last year - and it saves them all money into the bargain.

They’ve chosen to use MANGO smart cards from trent barton rather than cash to pay for their fares. That means they no longer have to fiddle with change – and so they board quicker at bus stops.

Worked through GPS technology, the cards give a 25% saving on single fares paid with cash.

Ten thousand people have used one of the smart cards in the last year, and now the bus company is introducing a new card specifically for 16 to 19 year olds which means a 35% saving on normal single fares.

Sarah Taylor, marketing manager at trent barton, said: “MANGO is helping to bring about a revolution in bus travel and we expect a big take-up for the 16-19 MANGO cards.

“Traditionally, most bus fares are half price up to the age of 16, when adult fares begin.  We want to change that.  Starting from 14th March , anyone with a 16-19 MANGO card will be guaranteed an immediate 35% saving on single fares.

“Research tells us that people are thinking all the more about how much they are using their cars.  16-19 MANGO is designed for new generations of environmentally conscious travellers.

“It was always in our thinking that there would be benefits all round with MANGO.  On today’s roads, our biggest challenge is time.  Every second saved in cash transactions on the bus platform means better timekeeping.  Punctuality is the bus customer’s first priority – so quicker boarding means that increasing numbers of people now choose the bus over the car, ultimately leading to fewer cars on the roads, less congestion, and even better bus timekeeping.”

For all MANGO card customers, added value is on the cards – literally.  The company is negotiating special discounts for bar food, jewellery, flowers and ten pin bowling.  Shortly, George’s Fish and Chips and Derby Live Theatre will be added to the list.

Full details about MANGO, including applications and registration can be found at

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