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As just about anyone will tell you, the price of fuel is starting to soar.  The 10 million litres of Diesel used every year by trent barton means that every 1p per litre increase in price will add a cool £100,000 to the annual fuel bill.

That's a worry.  But it also means that the price of motoring is coming under similar pressure.

Thanks to a commitment to continuous improvement and development, despite recession, the trent barton product offers a quality alternative which many first time customers will find pleasantly surprising.

So in the knowledge that once introduced to trent barton, customers are highly likely to come back, a number of promotions are currently underway including trial MANGO cards for new homeowners.

What's more, amidst growing concern for the environment, the continuous investment in one of the youngest bus fleets in the land brings the latest in green, low-emission engines, making the bus an even more sound choice. 

Every customer who chooses to leave the car behind when it suits is not only saving money on fuel but also helping reduce emissions and cutting down the amount of traffic - which will be to the ultimate benefit of every bus traveller.


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