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New homeowners in trent barton territory are being welcomed with a complimentary MANGO card charged up with £20 worth of free travel in a drive to win new converts to the bus.

Marketing Manager Sarah Taylor said that the timing could hardly be better:

"There are signs that the housing market is starting to get moving again and that the economy may be picking up", said Sarah, "whilst at the same time the price of fuel is moving relentlessly upwards.

 "Despite the recession we have continued to invest heavily, making sure that we stay right on top of our game. We have raised our standards while so many others have been cutting back.

 "We are confident that once most people have tried us, they will be back for more - so this initiative is part of a wider effort to promote trent barton as a top quality alternative to the car and MANGO as a flexible way of saving money and cashing in on a range of other benefits.

 "We don't expect people to make a once and for all choice between bus and car, but every time the car is left at home it means less congestion, less pollution, less hassle and less travel expense for the customer, in what is also a sound environmental choice.

 "And there's nothing like starting early, as people move into our area".

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