indigo runs right through the night

Our colourful indigo buses have become a familiar and regular sight on routes between Nottingham and Derby, proving a vital link between the two cities, a major hospital, a leading university and a busy regional airport.

Now customers can now climb aboard at almost any time, day or night, with the introduction of a new 24/7 timetable.


Pictures: Shift workers and city centre revellers prepare to board a late night indigo bus.

Alex Hornby, Commercial Director, commented: "indigo has proved a huge success with customers; in fact it's one of the busiest services in the region.

"There are very few bus services outside London that run through the night, and less than a handful that are funded without any public subsidies.

"As a result, indigo represents a significant step for us as well as providing an essential service for people who work shifts or want to enjoy a late night out."

The new night buses have been introduced between Nottingham, Beeston and Long Eaton and will run every half hour. What's more, every hour the service will continue on to East Midlands Airport for customers who need to catch a late-night or early-morning flight.

Colleen Hempson, Surface Access Manager at East Midlands Airport, welcomed the introduction of the timetable.

"This great development reflects the 24-hour nature of the needs of our passengers and staff," she said. "It demonstrates how important good public transport connectivity is to the success of East Midlands Airport, both for those who fly through it, and for the 6,500 people who work for businesses based here."

Other improvements to indigo services include new night buses to and from Derby, which will run until 3.00 am at weekends. There will also be more buses on Sundays, running to Chilwell and Beeston every 6 to 7 minutes, and to Derby every 30 minutes.

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