International spotlight shines on trent barton success

Award-winning bus company, trent barton, is becoming recognised across Europe for the quality of its staff and its excellent customer service record.

Transport experts from the Continent are now using the company as an example of best practice and the firm recently played host to a delegation from one of the largest public transport authorities in Germany.

During the first of a series of planned visits by European bus companies, a party of six from Dresden-based RMV stopped off at trent barton's headquarters in Heanor.

Explained the company's Commercial Director, Alex Hornby: "We were delighted to welcome the visitors who were on a study tour that also took in bus companies in Holland and Switzerland.

"The organisers said we had been chosen because of our reputation amongst industry experts across Europe for the quality of our staff and our commitment to customer service.

"We're pleased to have hosted our German colleagues and we see these very much as two-way opportunities. We are not complacent and we're constantly looking at ways in which we can improve still further so it is good to learn from our visitors too."

During their stay, the delegation met customers travelling on trent barton's H1 and rainbow 1 services as well as chatting to staff working on the buses and at the firm's headquarters.

Peggy Jerchel from Probst & Consorten, the consultants who organised the trip on behalf of RMV, said that the delegation enjoyed its visit and had learned a lot.

"We were particularly impressed by the contribution bus drivers make to the overall customer experience whilst gaining a valuable insight into how public transport can work successfully without subsidies or public funds," she said.

Following the success of the visit, trent barton has now been asked to play host to other European bus companies later in the year.

Pictured welcoming the German delegation are trent barton's MANGO Man, Ian Morgan, the company's Deputy Chairman (left) and Alex Hornby, Commercial Director (right).


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