Talking Point - Good work, Derby City Council

The introduction of the new bus lane along Kedleston Road in Derby is going to make life easier for thousands of Allestree travellers.  The City Council is to be congratulated for its vision and determination in delivering this much-needed improvement which is bound to encourage greater use of buses, thereby reducing traffic.

Previous experience is crystal clear:  when bus punctuality improves, more cars get left at home and people make more trips into town.  That's excellent news for Derby traders, because bus customers (unlike motorists) are known for their repeated loyalty to the same destination - provided the service meets their needs.

trent barton Commercial Director, Alex Hornby celebrates the opening of the bus lane with Jim Frogatt (left) from TravelWatch East Midlands and Phil Tonks from Passenger Focus the bus industry watchdog

Less traffic (but more people!) in town is good news for everyone, and it also makes the going better for bus drivers who have to sit in the same jams day after day.  Less hassle and happier customers means less and better service all round.

Not everyone has supported the idea of bus lanes - of course not - but as environmental concern grows, it is not hard to see why growing numbers of people, whether bus users or not, can see the sense in reducing emissions from gridlocked cars and using premium roadspace to move the most people rather than the most vehicles.

We commend the City Council for a job well done.

Brand Manager, Kevin Pool said:

"We are delighted that the bus lane is now open, traffic priorities for buses have a proven track record in speeding up journey times, and this is bound to have a positive reaction from our customers on the allestree."


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