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service changes from 4 September

Over the last few months we’ve been working with the region’s local authorities and other public transport operators to match resources with projected usage.

We regret having to make these changes, but in order to continue to deliver our other services we cannot afford to absorb the losses made by routes which simply do not carry suffcient customers.

The changes from 4 September are as follows:

1A | Will cease operation. Our rainbow one and amberline services can be used as alternatives for some of 1A’s route. Derbyshire Community Transport have also added some Derby Shopper journeys for Waingroves and the Derbyshire County Council supported 137/138 now covers Langley.

27 | Will cease operation and will instead be operated by our sister company, Notts & Derby.

141 | Will cease operation. We understand that Nottinghamshire County Council having been made aware of the announcement for the 141 service withdrawal are now considering a range of options to provide suitable alternative bus services. Within Hucknall, the threes and connect C2 can be used as alternatives to 141. Other operators (mainly Stagecoach) also cover certain sections of the 141 route.

spondon flyer | Will cease operation. Our ilkeston flyer will continue to serve Spondon village centre.

the allestree | Will see a reduction in frequency to every 10 minutes.

the mickleover | Will see a reduction in frequency to every 10 minutes.

The silver lining in what were very diffcult decisions is the drivers currently engaged on our affected routes can be put onto our other services, which will mean much fewer cancellations and a significantly improved reliability.






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