Clean Air Day 2022

Co-Treetment directors Simon Evans and Darrell Taylor with trentbarton’s Matt Newton and our trees.

Co-Treetment directors Simon Evans and Darrell Taylor with trentbarton’s Matt Newton and our trees.

We have funded the planting of 330 trees – one for each of our buses – in a new East Midlands woodland to mark today’s Clean Air Day 2022.

We will continue to work with local not-for-profit tree planting venture Co-Treetment to offset some of our fleet emissions as well as underlining our commitment to investing in cleaner, greener public transport to improve air quality.

Co-Treetment, with our help, has planted the 330 Silver Birch saplings at its land near Coalville in Leicestershire.

Matt Newton, our eco champion at our Heanor office, visited the woodland to mark Clean Air Day and to meet Co-Treetment founders Darrell Taylor and Simon Evans.

Darrell said: “It’s great that trentbarton is partnering with us in our mission to plant more trees in the region. Offsetting its carbon footprint locally through planting trees directly absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and reduces the rate of climate change with every additional tree planted.

With the support of businesses such as trentbarton, Co-Treetment is creating woodland spaces by planting trees to absorb carbon, not just for today but for decades into the future.

Everybody needs to travel, even if it’s locally – using public transport, buses, trains or cars. It all has an impact, and we all need to do more to try to combat climate change.

Trees don’t just absorb carbon; they pull water from the ground so that helps prevent flooding. They cleanse the air so if you’re near busy roads you get a better air quality.”

Matt said: “Meeting Darrell and Simon and seeing the new woodlands growing is very inspiring. We will be funding ongoing tree planting in the future because we want to set a good example to other users of fossil fuels.

We have invested in new, ultra clean buses – each of which is less polluting than a new diesel car. Over the past seven years trentbarton has spent £20 million on greener buses and is exploring zero emission buses for the future.”