Hucknall connect is just the ticket for trips to Nottingham

We’ve teamed up with Nottingham’s tram network to provide an integrated ticket that offers an easy route into the city centre from estates in and around Hucknall.

Our connect ticket offers a full day’s travel on connect in Hucknall and the tram.

Florian Le Loroux, NET Marketing Manager, said: “Through February we’ll be giving away free vouchers to encourage more customers to try the ticket and the benefits of a combined bus and tram journey into Nottingham.

“This is another excellent example of two transport companies working together to tempt more people out of their cars in favour of a quick and convenient journey into the city without the worry of finding a parking space.”

The ticket is available on the bus or tram, and is priced at £3.60 for adults or £2 for children.

Alex Hornby, Commercial Director, commented: “Our connect in Hucknall buses provide a popular service to residents living around the town.

“It also provides a vital link to the town centre and the tram stop, making it the ideal way to start a journey into Nottingham.”

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