Motoring costs drive more people onto our buses

The high cost of fuel is driving more motorists out of their cars and onto our buses according to our latest set of research results.

As part of a series of customer satisfaction surveys, we’ve found that around three quarters of people questioned said that travelling by bus was now cheaper than taking the car.

"It is clear that the cost of motoring is now on people’s minds more than ever,” explained Alex Hornby, Commercial Director.

“On some routes, 78 per cent of customers said they had saved money by taking the bus rather than travelling by car and across the entire network around 70 per cent said that bus fares offered good value for money.”

Further research has also revealed the popularity of a number of routes into Derby, provided a welcome boost for businesses in the city.

Alex continued: “85 per cent of customers using the spondon flyer said that the bus was just as quick, if not quicker, than taking the car whilst 70 per cent of customers on the sixes and the allestree agreed that fares were good value, and that the bus was cheaper than the car.”

Our studies have also revealed the popularity of the recently introduced express rapid 1 service which connects Ripley and Heanor with Nottingham city centre.

In the run-up to Christmas, rapid 1 recorded more than 8,000 passenger journeys and research suggests it has provided a welcome boost for businesses in the city.

The survey revealed that 80 per cent of our customers are visiting Nottingham more often thanks to rapid 1, and 17 per cent said they had travelled into the city by car until the service was introduced.

“Such feedback helps us to meet the needs of the communities we serve, and this is reflected in surveys that consistently show that our customers are pleased with many aspects of the services we provide,” he added.

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