We’re going green to save fuel and the environment

Our bus drivers are going green thanks to new technology that will help them to cut harmful emissions whilst saving tens of thousands of pounds' worth of fuel.

The new system has been installed on our buses and provides drivers with information on how efficiently the vehicle is performing.

Managing Director, Jeff Counsell, explained the company uses around ten million litres of fuel a year, and every 1p price increase leads to an extra £100,000 on its annual fuel bill.

"Thanks to this innovative technology, drivers can keep a constant eye on the fuel consumption of the vehicle using a colour-coded monitor in the cab and adjust their driving style accordingly," he said.

The system has been installed on 330 buses across our network following successful trials that have already generated significant savings.

Jeff continued: "With fuel costs spiralling, we don't want that to put a heavy burden on fares and at the same time better fuel efficiency means reduced exhaust emissions.

"Furthermore the system even produces real-time tracking information that will help us better regulate our services," he added.

The system has been developed by Nottingham-based Microlise, a company that specialises in transport management systems.

Chris Wallace, the company's Sales Director, commented: "Although we operate on a worldwide basis, it has been a pleasure working so closely with a local bus operator."

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