We’ve listened to customer concerns

We are about to rethink our services in Hucknall following appeals from our customers.

Earlier this year we introduced a more frequent service on connect, a circular route that links a number of estates with the town centre and tram stop.

To ensure the long-term viability of the route, the change also saw the withdrawal of services travelling in a clockwise direction around the town. These blue route buses operated every quarter of an hour with red route buses travelling in the opposite direction, also at 15-minute intervals.

"The changes saw the introduction of more frequent services, with a red route bus every 10 minutes, and the move certainly proved successful in giving connect a viable future and stemming previous financial losses," explained  Commercial Director Alex Hornby.

"However the feedback we received from our customers after making the changes has not been so positive. In some cases, with the buses travelling in just one direction, they felt their journey was a lot longer than necessary.

"We need to make sure that our services are commercially viable but we also value the views of customers and in this case the revised timetable was met with genuine concern."

Now we've taken the views of our customers on board and we are planning to reintroduce blue route buses. Operating alongside the current red route buses, the new blue route will also offer more convenient stops in the town centre.

"It is only through listening to customers that we can develop sustainable services that meet the needs of local communities," continued Alex.

"We are also looking at a number of initiatives to strengthen our relationship with customers in Hucknall, including setting up a Bus Users Group where people can provide direct feedback on our services, with a view to improving them further," he added.

A new timetable will be introduced once the proposals have been approved by the relevant regulatory authorities which takes 56 days but, in the meantime, we are offering a number of benefits to our customers in Hucknall, including a £10 weekly ticket offering unlimited travel on connect and rainbow 3 to Nottingham

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