Couple celebrate iPad win on red arrow

Regular red arrow users Ella and Richard Milner were the lucky winners of a shiny new iPad in a recent trentbarton competition. The happy couple were even more thrilled to discover that they can use their new toy on the bus, using red arrow’s free Wi-Fi!

Whether choosing to use the gadget to play games, chat, catch up on work, watch movies – or something else altogether – Ella and Richard aren’t the only ones getting connected on the red arrow.

Sue Blount, our red arrow Manager, commented: “We’re delighted to see Ella and Richard making use of their iPad on red arrow, and they’re not alone in going online while on the road.

“Our figures show nearly 2,500 people used the on-board Wi-Fi in February, and the numbers are growing all the time as more people realise they can catch up with friends on Facebook, download music or even carry on working if they choose to travel by red arrow.”

Running every 10 minutes between Derby and Nottingham, and half hourly between Derby and Chesterfield, the red arrow coaches are popular with commuters, shoppers, social butterflies – in fact, everyone who wants a fast, reliable and comfortable city connection.

Sue added: ““They were also some of the first in the country to benefit from free Wi-Fi and it’s an idea that’s really catching on as more people than ever need to stay connected.”

With luxury leather seats and tables available on board, the service is perfectly suited to tablet or laptop use. Or, if you just want to sit back, relax and browse on your smartphone or iPad, you can do so using the free red arrow Wi-Fi instead of your 3G connection.

Everyone’s a winner on red arrow

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