the threes and Mansfield Town FC celebrate together

On the back of the threes’ success at the really good service awards, we have decided to join forces with Mansfield Town FC to introduce the ever popular, zigzag play for those people with a ticket to a Stags game, saving customers 50p on the normal price of a zigzag. To help publicise the new deal and celebrate the award winning threes, as well as Mansfield getting promoted into the football league, we thought we would dedicate one the threes rears to the football club.











 Some of Mansfield’s star players, Paul Black, Ben Hutchinson and Anthony Howell all posed for their picture to be put on the back of the bus and then got together again outside the football ground with Sam Atherley, one of the runners-up at the really good service awards, who actually dyed her hair just for the photo shoot. The bus can now be seen cruising on the threes and we hope it inspires the guys at Mansfield Town FC to another successive promotion! 

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