Evening & Sunday buses come to Alfreton, Selston & Jacksdale in time for Christmas

We've got some really good news if you live on our rainbow 1 route between Alfreton and Eastwood. We've brought you an early Christmas present with new evening and Sunday buses!

From December 1, we will run through to Alfreton every hour, with alternate buses serving either the route through Jacksdale or via Selston.

On Sundays, these buses will run from Alfreton through Eastwood direct to Nottingham via Kimberley.

During the evening, buses will run between Alfreton and Eastwood, and connect with our rainbow 1 bus to Kimberley and Nottingham. Through fares will be available.

Now there's no excuse to stay out late or enjoy a bit of Sunday shopping with us on rainbow 1!

The new timetable is available here.



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