Three brothers clock up 100 years on the buses

(L-R) Raghbir Singh, Kulvir Singh & Lakhbir Singh Sandhu

(L-R) Raghbir Singh, Kulvir Singh & Lakhbir Singh Sandhu

Three brothers who all started driving our buses in the 1980s have clocked up a combined 100 years of service behind the wheel. 

Lakhbir Singh Sandhu, Kulvir Singh and Raghbir Singh joined what was then Barton Transport more than 30 years ago and are still driving with us today. 

Kulvir, 58, the youngest of the brothers, was the first to get on board with us in 1986 followed by Lakhbir, 62, and then Raghbir, 60, in 1987. 

Lakhbir, known as Sandhu, left a job at the Raleigh bicycle factory and began as a floating driver, including on the fives which were soon to be rebranded as rainbow 5. All three brothers were first based at Chilwell and became experts on all the routes. 

Sandhu now drives our indigo and i4 alongside Kulvir, with Raghbir driving the keyworth.

Sandhu said: "If I didn't enjoy my job I wouldn't still be here doing it. I love my driving. I've been offered office jobs, but I like driving. 

I've loved it from day one. I've seen customers who were boys and girls, now with their own kids. We share a laugh and a joke with customers when they get on."

Although they have now reached their driving century, the trio have many more miles left ahead of them. Sandhu said he was not thinking about giving up bus driving: "I'll probably stay on if I can, I love my job."

Jeff Counsell, managing director said: "The brothers have been reporting for duty for Barton Buses and trentbarton tirelessly for a century.

"Respected members of the Barton family, they have each shown unparalleled levels of dedication to the business throughout their careers to date, with Lakhbir and Kulvir rising earlier than most to ensure the routes are clear and to bring colleagues into work for the start of their shift in all weathers and conditions.

"I know everyone will join me in congratulating these three closely knit family members and in thanking their families at home for their love and support for them. I personally would like to wish them good health for the future and look forward to them being part of the trentbarton family for many more years to come."

Kulvir's daughter Hardeep Sandhu said: "Congratulations to my dad and uncles for this amazing achievement. Having worked at trentbarton myself for two years, I heard nothing but funny stories about them from many different people

"trentbarton has been family to us and we will be forever grateful for what they have done for my dad and uncles."