We need to do better on indigo

We need to do better on indigo

The introduction of our new timetable on indigo has coincided with the worst traffic conditions around Beeston since the tram works began earlier this year.

What’s gone wrong?

Whilst the new Beeston-Nottingham buses are generally running fine, our buses out to Long Eaton are getting delayed and therefore getting busier. We’re therefore letting you down and we’re really sorry.

What are we doing about the timekeeping?

We are adding extra buses & drivers into the system on a permanent basis which will give our buses a longer ‘cushion’ in between arrival and departures in Nottingham. This means buses should run better than they do now.

What about the overcrowding out to Long Eaton?

We are extending more buses from Beeston to Long Eaton from 8 December – that’s the earliest we can do, as it has to go through a 56-day legal registration process. It will mean we’ll be running every 5 minutes out to Long Eaton at the busiest times of morning and afternoon rush hours.

The personal touch – VIP Star At The Stops

We want to do more to monitor our performance and keep you in the know about where our buses are. That’s why, as well as Leanne in Beeston, we’ll additionally have Laura at Friar Lane to help control our service and keep you in touch whilst you’re waiting. We’ll also have a Star At The Stop at Long Eaton during the forthcoming A52 works when we expect more traffic will re-route themselves through the area.

Stay in touch – live!

Remember to keep an eye on trentbarton.co.uk/live online and on your phone to get live departure time information on all our buses at every single stop.

Thank you

We apologise if it’s been frustrating for you over the past few weeks, but we hope these actions will help. If we can do more, you have our assurances that we certainly will. Thanks for bearing with us.

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