Young People

From Sunday 4 November we'll be making changes to how young people travel with us.

These changes will extend our discounts to include young people aged 18 years and under to reflect the recent changes to the school leaving age.

young explorer

for young people aged 10 and under 

Our youngest explorers will be able to travel on any bus, any where and at any time [not available on nightbuses] for just £1. This includes weekends and Bank Holiday Mondays.

The really little ones, aged 4 years and younger still travel for free.

young explorer tickets can be purchased on any bus except skylink Derby and Arriva X38.

young people cash

If you're aged 18 years and under you'll get discounted travel with our young people cash fares. Just ask our friendly drivers for a young people ticket.

To keep your 50% discount you'll need to pick young mango. Grab one at any one of our trentbarton shops or tap here.  

day tickets

Our popular zigzag will still be available to young people aged 18 and under. zigzag gives unlimited travel across trentbarton land after 9am Mondays to Fridays and at any time on weekends and bank holiday Mondays. Buy zigzag direct from your driver. 

zigzag can't be used on skylink Derby and Arriva X38.

young mango

trentbarton land kids and teens can get sweet discounts to help cut the cost of travel. 

young mango is the smartest way to travel, giving young people aged 18 and under a juicy 50% discount off adult cash singles. With smart caps to limit your spend each day for travel after 9am, and across 7 and 28 days.


day (after 9am) - £3.25

7 day - £15

28 day - £47.50

young mango

Don't forget, once you've hit your caps, all your travel is free!

Coming up to your 19th birthday? Don't panic, we'll automatically update you to a student or adult mango. 


Our student mango will still be available for anyone in full-time education. Students get a sweet saving of 25% off adult cash singles.

You must have a valid academic email address in order to confirm your student status through our website. 


currently on mango?

micro mango & 16-19 mango will be combined in to young mango. If you currently have a micro mango or a 16-19 mango don't worry, your discounts will automatically update. 

Young people aged 10 years and under can use a young mango but won't get any additional discount, our young explorer ticket may be better value for you. 

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