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pick mango for sweet discounts on bus travel 

mango is the simple and hassle-free way to travel. It doesn't matter if you use the bus often, or just every now and then - mango will always be cheaper than cash singles. You'll make sweet savings every time you travel.

mango has smart caps too, limiting the amount you spend every day and across 7 & 28 days.

(mango can't be used on pronto, skylink Derby or Arriva X38)


juicy features

  • cheaper bus fares & discounts every time you travel
  • easily manage online so you can wave goodbye to cash
  • keep your mango ripe with credit by setting up an auto top-up
  • speedy boarding - just tap & go



our mangos come in different shapes & sizes

We have mangos to suit everybody, tap below to find out more...


mango for grown ups

mango for young people aged 18 & under

student mango


how it works

mango uses the latest tech-wizardry to let you pay for your bus with no fuss. Once you're armed with your loaded mango, board the bus and 'touch on' with your mango.

When you leave the bus 'touch off' to record your trip. Your journey is automatically recorded and your discounted fare is deducted from your account.

Don't be a banana and forget to touch off, otherwise you'll be charged for the full journey.

You can top-up your mango online, at our travel shops and at our bay 5 information desk at Derby Bus Station.



use your mango on the tram

You can also use your mango on NET tram in Nottingham to make some sweet savings. Trips made on the tram won't count towards your bus caps.

Find out more by visiting NET tram website.

NET tram website



getting your mango is easy!

First, you need to create a mango account before you can buy or register a mango.

create your account

Once you've done that you can buy a mango and transfer funds to it online.

We will post you your mango, a £3 fee is charged for the mango and delivery.


If you were already given a mango or have bought a pre-paid mango you can register it to your account and top it up online.

Once you have your mango and account set up you can track your journey history, check your balance and top it up online. You can even set up an auto top-up function, which automatically keeps your mango in credit when you drop below a set balance.



need to know more?

Read our answers to frequently asked questions or get in touch for more help.


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