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what is MANGO?

One simple card, rechargeable on-line, means you can say goodbye to using cash when you travel. MANGO saves time, money and hassle. It doesn't matter if you use the bus or tram often, or just every now and then, MANGO gives you a saving of at least 15% off the single cash fare for every journey you make. You can use MANGO on any trentbarton bus or on the NET tram in Nottingham.

(MANGO can not be used on pronto or skylink Derby-Leicester journeys)



how it works

MANGO uses the latest tech-wizardary to let you pay for your bus and tram travel with no fuss. Once you have your MANGO, simply create your online account to manage your card, from here you can deposit funds on to your MANGO. Once you're armed with your loaded MANGO, board the bus and 'touch on' with your card. When you leave the bus 'touch off' to record your trip. Your journey is automatically recorded and your discounted fare is decucted from your account. No more searching down the back of your sofa for change or breaking in to those crisp bank notes.

Still confused?

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the benefits

MANGO really is a clever little card. Not only does it always give the cheapest bus and tram fares but is packed with perks to make your travel quick, easy and simple. Every MANGO comes with these great features.


 Our MANGOs also come in different shapes and sizes


adult MANGO

Our most popular MANGO which gets everybody 15% discount on adult single cash fares. It's also the most rewarding, and comes with a whopping £5 MANGOmoney back when you hit your weekly cap.

Day caps only apply to travel after 9am. Week & 28 day caps apply for travel at any time. NET tram caps may vary.




  micro MANGO

Even little kids can make big savings with a micro MANGO for ages 5 to 15 – they’ll get an extra 15% off the normal child half fares. The littlest passengers will feel extra grown up when catching the bus or tram with mum or dad, and the parents of older kids won’t have to worry about them losing (or spending) their fare.

Day caps only apply to travel after 9am. Week & 28 day caps apply for travel at any time. NET tram caps may vary.




student MANGO

Smart students pick student MANGO and save 25% on adult single cash fares to make that student loan go further. You can also save on food, drink, shopping and attractions across trentbarton land, and get money off MANGO moments too!

Day caps only apply to travel after 9am. Week & 28 day caps apply for travel at any time. NET tram caps may vary.




  16-19 MANGO

trentbarton land teens can get 25% off single cash fares with a 16-19 MANGO card, as well as bagging brilliant moneysaving deals with MANGO moments. Top up cards quickly and easily online and there’s no need to worry about carrying cash.

Day caps only apply to travel after 9am. Week & 28 day caps apply for travel at any time. NET tram caps may vary.



NEW! top-up your adult MANGO on board

We're always looking for ways to make MANGO smarter and easier to use, so after a successful trial, from Sunday 15 November 2015 adult MANGOs can be topped up on all of our buses!

It's really simple, when your credit is low simply tell the driver you wish to top-up and choose the amount you wish to top-up, which must be at least £10 and a mulitple of £5.

There will be a 50p charge added for all on bus top-ups. This will be automatically deducted from your top-up amount. Don't forget, topping your MANGO up online and auto top-up will still be free.

This feature is not available on pronto, skylink Derby or X38.


Derby Cathedral Quarter MANGO cards 

MANGO has joined forces with the Cathedral Quarter Derby to bring you the best of both worlds. You can get all the usual MANGO benefits – the best fare guaranteed with trentbarton and our range of over 100 MANGO moments - along with the great deals of being an ‘I love the Cathedral Quarter’ or ‘I work in the Cathedral Quarter’ loyalty card holder.

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getting your MANGO is easy!

First, you need to create a MANGO account before you can buy or register a card

create your account

Once you've done that you can buy a MANGO card and transfer funds to it online.
We will post you a card, a £3 fee is charged for the card and delivery.


If you were already given an existing card or have bought a pre-paid card you can register it to your account and top it up online.

Once you have your card and account set up you can track your journey history, check your balance and top it up online. You can even set up an auto top-up function, which automactically keeps your MANGO in credit when you drop below a set balance.